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Kathakali (make-up)

Show : 5pm to 6pm


Kathakali (perfomance)

Show : 6pm to 7pm

Kalaripayattu (Martial Arts)

Show : 4pm To 5pm

Our Experiences


The Indian traditional dance form Kathakali is related to the storytelling aspect of this art form. In this case, it’s a Kerala-based dance drama. ‘Kathakali,’ like other classical Indian dance forms, uses outstanding footwork and facial and hand gestures to tell a story, all accompanied by beautiful music and vocal performances. Nevertheless, the dancers’ elaborate and colourful make-up, unique face masks, and costumes set them apart from the competition, as do their mannerisms, which pay homage to the region’s long-standing traditions in martial arts and athletics. Because it originated in Hindu courts and theatres rather than Hindu temples and monasteries, this genre of Indian classical dance is traditionally performed by male dancers. ‘Natya Shastra’, an ancient Sanskrit Hindu scripture, is the primary source of traditional dance’s core
components and distinctive qualities. Our experience offers an in-depth look at the art form which includes observing the artists right from the initial stage of Make-Up to presentation of an elaborate folk tale.


Kerala’s martial art form, Kalaripayattu, is well-known worldwide. Most of Kerala’s art forms are influenced by Kalaripayattu. In the past kalaris (combat arena or battle field) formed an integral part of the lives of ordinary citizens. Having no gender bias, boys and girls of all ages would be taken to the Kalaris for practice in their early years. The status and sway of Kalaris shifted along with the social climate.
For example, there is meipayattu (physical training), vadipayattu (fighting with sticks or swords), valpayattu (fighting with knives), and verumkaiprayoga (fighting with brooms) (bare hand exercise).
At Greenix, one gets to experience the legendary martial art form in all its glory with exercises being presented by trained fighters. The audience will also get a deeper understanding of the techniques used to showcase this ancient practice.

Knowing Kochi

experimenting Kerala beyond the experienced……

Kerala, the dreamland of the southernmost part of Indian peninsula, cascade delicately down the hills to the golden coast lined by lush green. This beauty spot or the land with rivers, hillocks and thickets, fringed with long coast of surfing waters conveys a sense of attraction and affection to all. No wonder, no doubt, this tiny state of India is a gift of the God, God’s own country.
Kochi – once home to ancient civilizations and foreign rulers, the land which still have the traditions and cultures of the ancient traders namely Arabs, Portuguese, Dutch & British. Today, Kochi is a fascinating city of diverse traditions, architecture, art and cuisine. Steeped in history and uncommon beauty, Kochi is the perfect destination for your next experience.
Lets experience Kerala in the perfect ways with the best host – Greenix, where the guest will be catered, curated and hosted to a memory never before experienced.

About Us

Greenix Village is a unique, first of its kind concept in the cultural tradition of Kerala.The land where rich cultural tradition and performing  arts are kept alive. Cultural shows are consistently held everyday , since its inception in 2006 for Indian and global audiences.

Greenix Village is not just a performing arts centre but also a haven for the artist and artisans who live there.

We have been faciliated with the award of “The Best Innovative Project from the Department of  Tourism, Kerala State”

Creating a sunrise future out of Kerala’s glorious cultural heritage.

experimenting Kerala beyond the experienced……

Greenix Experience

Culture is the window reflecting the history, culture and spiritual world of a place. Cultural experience is a bridge to enhance the traditions, experiences and experiments of a place. Let Kerala be experienced in the perfect ways with the best host – Greenix, where the guest will be catered, curated and hosted to a memory never before experienced.
Greenix Village is a unique, first of its kind artefact concept in the cultural tradition of Kerala. The destination where rich cultural tradition and performing arts are demonstrated, educated and trained by the best experts in each category. Cultural shows are consistently held since its inception in 2006 for domestic and global audiences creating a boutique of cultural traditions to the guest

Experiential Artforms


A recreational folk art from performed by trained artists to entertain people on the occasion of Onam , an annual harvest festival of Kerala. On the fourth day of Onam celebrations performers painted like tigers and leopards in bright yellow, red, and black shake their bellies and dance to the beats of instruments like Udukku and Thakil. Literal meaning of Pulikkali is ‘The tiger dance’ hence the performance revolve around the theme of tiger hunting


Theyyam is a popular ritual form of dance worship in Kerala. Theyyam consists of thousand year-old traditions, rituals and customs. The people consider Theyyam itself as a channel to God and they thus seek blessings from Theyyam. There are about 456 types of Theyyam. Theyyam is performed by males, except the Devakoothu Theyyam, the Devakoothu is the only Theyyam ritual performed by women.

Experience Kerala

cruise by the waterbodies.





Cruise Boat




Snake Boat

Unique Experiences

experience the virgin kerala

Tuk - Tuk Ride


Peddle Cochin

Kumblangi Experience

Village Experience

Pepper Island

Greenix Village along with the Dept. of Tourism has started a new project at Pepper Island, Mulavakkadu with respect to rural tourism promotion.

Pepper Island has lot to offer and some of the activities are Fishing,Traditional games like tug of war, musical chairs,Coconut peeling,Traditional cookery demo.

This Island is ideal for destination weddings, engagements and family get together for up to 250 pax and is easily accessible by ferry.



01 Dance Theaters

A daily venue for Kerala Kaleidoscope,  a melody of Various Art forms

02 Cultural Museum

A Display of Relics of past and cultural legacy

03 Ayurleela

An ayurvedic spa providing various wellness packages for tourist

04 Yoga and Meditation Centre

A Centre for Daily Classes in Yoga and Meditiation

05 Kalaripayattu Training Square

A daily venue for Martial Arts Performance and display of Weaponry

06 Audio Visual / Mini Theater

An audio visual /mini theater devoted for private and dedicated shows


07 Kerala Vignettes

A Display of various local crafts by local craftsmen 


08 Workshop

A workshop on Art forms & Culture for students


09 Know the City

A educative guided tour of the city for students of  Historical places


Other Facilities by Greenix Ventures

Pepper Island

An island for development for rural tourism promotion


Floating Villas

A New Concept of floating villas which are towed and anchored in backwaters


A Motor Boat to explore the serenity of Kochi backwaters


Boat Cruises

A wide range of cruises to bring into limelight the sedate life of backwaters



A Motor Boat, which provides the unique experience of living on the water

Royal lady & Polaris

A Luxury Yacht’s

Guest Review

"A tour in a lovely village feel that is so charming that takes you back in time of history. We enjoyed the hospitality which was very comfortable and nice"
"The Hospitality, the mesmerizing ambience, the fushion of art,the experience and an insight into the culture of Kerala. What more could one ask for"
"Simply amazing. The moment I saw it, it pulled my attention in how the creations and art forms were inspiring.For all who love art ,this place is a must see"

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